How to Use Your Waist Trainer

Day 1

Your waist trainer will be tough to put on until it's broken in. In order to break it in it must be worn. You can start out wearing your garment 1 or 2 hours, or less if you choose. There is no set time because everyone is different. You can wear your waist trainer as long as you can tolerate it. If you've never worn a waist trainer you will feel uncomfortable but your body will adjust. If you ever feel short of breath or any pain REMOVE the waist trainer immediately.

Day 2

Try wearing your waist trainer for 3-4 hours. You can also begin a light workout regime, yoga or even try going for a short walk.

Day 3

At this point you should be getting the hang of wearing your waist trainer for multiple hours. Try extending your wear up to 5 or 6 hours. Make sure you are doing some type of light workout if you're a beginner or moderate workout for those who are accustomed to waist training.

Day 4

By now you should be wearing your waist cincher for 7or 8 hours a day. You will begin to notice that you feel more full throughout the day while wearing your waist trainer. Feeling more full while wearing your waist trainer is an advantage because it prohibits you from over eating.

Day 5 & So On

At this point you should be wearing your waist trainer at least 8 hours a day. You should also be doing a light or moderate workout to aid curving your body and your other health goals. Remember when waist training is paired with clean eating & exercise your results will be amazing. When your waist trainer begins to feel loose that's when it's time to adjust the closure by moving the fish hooks in to make the waist trainer tighter. 

It is very important to remain hydrated while waist training and avoid sleeping in your garment. Your body must be able to rest. 




Keep in mind every woman’s body is different. There are many factors which determine how fast your waist will shrink. Women who have a bigger waist seem to see visible results earlier than a woman who has little fat or is extremely toned. Remember, you are training your body to reshape and we cannot predicate when everyone will see results, consistency is key. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!